San Carlo invites applicants to undertake a tour of our facility before completing an application. If you wish to do this please call us on 03 9404 1490. Whilst a tour is not compulsory it is highly recommended.

We are happy to discuss any questions you may have relating to San Carlo or the application process please call us on the above number during business hours.

If you would like to discuss in person you are very welcome to make an appointment on the above number.

For facility description and room costs click here


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Financial Application Financial Application
Admission - Applicant Information Admission - Applicant Information
Direct Debit Form Direct Debit Form
Laundry Labels Request Laundry Labels
Request to Applicant's GP Request to Applicants GP
Residents Privacy Agreement Resident Privacy Agreement
  Financial Statutory Declaration
  Request for a combined Assets and Income Assessment


You will be required to complete and send to Centrelink a "Request for a combined Assets and Income Assessment" if you have not yet done this and wish to print this form please click the link above 


Instructions for admission

Please fill out our application paperwork (Admission - Applicant Information Form and Financial Application) if you have already completed the Centrelink Combined Assets and Income Assessment and have received the results letter from Centrelink please send us a copy and you will not need to complete our Financial Application Form. Please complete these forms as soon as possible. Once we receive these forms and a copy of the Aged Care Assessment Form, the care recipient will be placed on our waitlist. If the applicant has Power of Attorney, a copy of the Power of Attorney document must be provided to us.