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San Carlo has Italian-speaking Lifestyle staff who plan and undertake residents’ lifestyle and social programs. We offer a variety of independent and social activities for residents within the facility, and also arrange regular outings around Melbourne.

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Individual needs

At San Carlo, we aim to cater for a broad range of lifestyles. Residents have the freedom to enjoy cozy days in front of the TV, group cooking sessions, leisurely walks in the sunny courtyard, and everything in between. Staff work with residents to identify their recreational and social preferences and accommodate these preferences wherever possible.

We are also able to assist residents in retaining contact with the wider community through visits to the shops and local clubs.

Outdoor Activities

Lifestyle staff hold regular sport and exercise sessions to keep residents active. Bocce, billiards, and the walking group are crowd favourites.







The facility boasts a wide range of areas available for gardening. Elevated garden beds are available for residents to plant and tend to flowers and vegetables.

Indoor Activities

True to the Italian culture, our residents love to cook. Our Lifestyle staff regularly organise hands on cooking activities where residents make pasta, biscuits, and more. We also have a ‘chef of the month’ program that encourages residents to share their personal recipes.















We also encourage a number of craft-related activities such as knitting,  painting, and paper craft. Many of these activities are supported by reminiscing sessions that help the residents feel connected to their pasts, such as the ‘Viaggio in Tempo’ project where residents created miniature houses based on the architecture of their home towns.







Special Events

We regularly celebrate residents’ birthdays, as well as various religious, cultural and social events. Italian cultural events are of particular importance, with residents (and staff) always excited to celebrate events like Ferragosto, Carnevale, and Festa della Repubblica.

Families are encouraged to participate in the celebrations where possible.


Several schools within the area have students who visit San Carlo to meet with residents and talk about life from a younger perspective.

Musical entertainment is the highlight for many residents. Italian singers and dancers encourage our residents to participate in parties and gatherings.









Other visitors include pets whom we welcome and are ready to accommodate. Residents wishing to bring pets with them permanently should discuss this matter prior to admission.


Where weather and public health restrictions permit, Lifestyle staff arrange regular outings for residents.

The facility has 2 buses which enable our activity staff to transport both mobile residents and those in wheels-chairs.

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